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Withdrawn IMI qualifications

In response to the Government's post-16 Skills Plan, Ofqual have taken action to withdraw 'unused' qualifications.  As a result, Ofqual required the IMI to withdraw the following 6 qualifications for registration on Friday 30th September 2016.

600/0177/X - IMI Level 4 Diploma in Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Competence
600/2988/2 - IMI Level 3 Diploma in Automotive Competence for First Line Managers
600/1690/5 - IMI Level 3 Extended Diploma in Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles (VRQ)
600/2994/8 - IMI Level 5 Diploma in Automotive Management Competence for Middle Managers
600/9684/6 - IMI Level 3 Diploma in Multi-Skilled Vehicle Collision Repair
601/1592/0 - IMI Level 2 Award in Employee Rights and Responsibilities in the Logistics Sector (VRQ)

IMI has submitted evidence to Ofqual that there are learners currently registered on the following 8 qualifications:

600/5950/3 - IMI Level 1 Certificate in Heavy Vehicle (VRQ)
600/5952/7 - IMI Level 2 Diploma in Caravan and Motorhome Maintenance and Repair  
600/6774/3 - IMI Level 2 Extended Certificate in Land-Based Technology (VRQ)
600/7793/1 - IMI Level 3 Certificate in Land-Based Technology (VRQ)
600/7986/1 - IMI Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics and Management Competence  
600/9743/7 - IMI Level 2 Diploma in Multi-Skilled Vehicle Collison Repair  
600/7794/3 - IMI Level 3 Diploma in Land-Based Technology (VRQ)
600/6086/4 - IMI Level 3 Diploma in Caravan and Motorhome Maintenance and Repair  

Therefore we are awaiting a response from Ofqual regarding the future of these qualifications. Ofqual's decision is final.

If you are an approved centre intending to offer one of the 8 qualifications under threat, and you have yet to contact us, please email Jason Embery at  with your predicted learner numbers.