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Vehicle Damage (MET) Technician (STO405/AP01)


Links to the Apprenticeship Standard and Assessment Plan can be found here


Written by employers, the Vehicle Damage Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET) Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard is suitable for aspiring technicians looking to specialise in accident repair. Apprentices can gain expertise in relation to the removal, repair and replacement of engine, gearbox, suspension, mechanical, electrical and trim components.

Designed with different learning styles in mind, IMI’s solution ensures apprentices are fully engaged and prepared for their End-Point Assessment (EPA). This new standard is suited to those who would have typically undertaken the Level 3 Apprenticeship in Vehicle Body and Paint - Mechanical, Electrical, Trim (MET).


A Vehicle Damage MET Technician works in the vehicle body repair sector of the motor industry. The role is to identify damaged mechanical and electrical components on a damaged car/light commercial vehicle, and remove and refit these components before and after body repair work has been carried out. They typically work on repairing vehicles that have been involved in accidents or similar incidents.


It is expected that it will typically take three years for the apprentice to attain the required level of competence in the workplace, although it may be less if the individual already has significant training and practical experience.  


NCR Bodyshops Ltd, DLG auto services, Barretts of Canterbury, JLR (Jaguar Landrover), Ford, Thatcham Research, Aviva, NCRC, LV insurance, Solus arc


Individual employers will set the selection criteria for their apprentices. It is recommended during the selection process that the learner demonstrates the following qualities:

  • Interested in motor vehicles
  • Good practical and mechanical skills
  • Problem solving and self-organisation skills
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written
  • Works well independently and as part of a team
  • Committed to excellent customer service


English and maths at Level 2 (or equivalent) is required to be held by the learner prior to the EPA. IMI provides solutions to any apprentice that does not have a L2 (or equivalent) in maths or English at the outset.

All apprentices are required to hold or obtain the F-Gas qualification in line with the EU regulation. This states that everyone involved in the installation, commissioning, service, maintenance and leak testing of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment requires this.


There are no requirements for formative assessment. However, employers are recommending that, in addition to the formal EPA gateway, there are also on-programme gateways in place. The on-programme gateways can be used to review the apprentice’s knowledge, skills and behaviour, as set out by the gateway criteria. This will also confirm that the apprentice is meeting expectations at the EPA gateway prior to their EPA.

Gateway 1 (Optional)

  • Review of eLogbook against Soft Skills and Behaviour Assessment tool
  • Practical Skills Test
  • Knowledge Test (Online)

Gateway 2 (Optional)

  • Review of eLogbook against Soft Skills and Behaviour Assessment tool
  • Practical Skills Test
  • Knowledge Test (Online)

End-Point Assessment Gateway (Mandatory)

  • Review of eLogbook
  • English + maths Level 2
  • F-Gas
  • Employer confirms apprentice is consistently working at or above the level of the standard Vehicle Damage Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET) Technician

End-Point Assessment

  • Review of completed eLogbook
  • Practical Skills Test
  • Knowledge Test (Online)
  • Professional Discussion (supported by portfolio of evidence)
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