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98% satisfaction rate amongst industry apprentices
PUBLISHED: 27/02/2015 | UPDATED:13/04/2015 15:16:50
The Industry Apprentice Council (IAC) has released the results of their 2015 annual survey.

Sponsored by the IMI, the IAC have found 98% of apprentices thought an Apprenticeship was the best choice for them, compared to 86% in higher education. As well as this, 74.6% believed their industry Apprenticeship, such as automotive and manufacturing, carried greater weight than Apprenticeships in other sectors - including 24.1% saying they were guaranteed the opportunity to achieve a degree level qualification.

The survey revealed startling results regarding careers advice and guidance – however, the careers prospect, ability to earn and learn, and avoiding debt such as University tuition fees have all had a strong influence on their decision to pursue an Apprenticeship.

Steve Nash, IMI CEO, said, “All the major political parties have been keen to include apprenticeships as integral parts of their economic plans. However, the IAC survey shows that the provision of careers advice in the UK has become so poor that it is increasingly difficult for young people to discover apprenticeships. If parties wish to see their long term economic plans come to fruition they must address this.

In the motor industry we work in a dynamic, high tech, environment which needs bright minds to keep up with rapidly evolving technology. But we are already seeing examples in the sector where top apprenticeship programs are struggling to attract the calibre of student they need. Young people are being directed to academic routes without any reference to alternatives. We desperately need a system in place where young people are consistently presented with all the options.

Poor provision of careers advice, coupled with a rise in the school leaving age, has the potential to create a perfect storm for the apprenticeship system and the industries which rely on it.” Nash concluded

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 IAC Survey 2015 report

IAC Survey 2015 infographic