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UK WorldSkills Experts from Emtec Colleges Limited Visit China to Share the Best Practice
PUBLISHED: 20/11/2014 | UPDATED:20/11/2014 09:45:53
As IMI’s the single official representative in China, Emtec Colleges Limited (ECL)’s WorldSkills team visited China to share the best practice, and to develop more potential IMI centres in China.

A delegation from Emtec Colleges Limited (ECL) led by Director of Business Development Dr Shaoyi Zhang visited China from 19th Oct 2014 to 25th Oct 2014. The delegation members included the UK WorldSkills Auto-Body Training Manager Mr Frazer Minskip, UK WorldSkills Car Painting Training Manager Mr Adrian Statham and the Project Manager Mr Zheng Shen. This visit was hosted by the International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China (MoHRSS), and organised by the Hangzhou Technician Institute (HTI) and the Shanghai Yangpu Vocational And Technical School (SYVTS).

Mr Frazer Minskip and Mr Adrian Statham are ECL’s key staff members. They are currently the UK Automotive WorldSkills Training Managers in Body Repair and Paint with a proven track record of achieving medals in the international competitions.

The objectives of this visit were to communicate with the Chinese colleges and their WorldSkills China Teams in Auto-Body and Car Painting, to share the best practice and to learn from each other for mutual improvement as well as to discuss further communication and co-operation before the WorldSkills 2015 in Brazil.  

On 20th and 21st Oct 2014, the UK delegation received a very warm welcome from Mr Xiaochu Dai (Deputy Director-General from MoHRSS), Mr Ke Li (Vice Director from MoHRSS), Mrs Wei Xiang (Director from Zhejiang Provincial DoHRSS) and Mr Weijun Shao (Principal from HTI), other Chinese leaders, experts and competitors. HTI is the WorldSkills China Team’s national training base for paint. The UK delegates attended a seminar in HTI where both Expert Teams from two countries shared their experience how to select and prepare their competitors for WorldSkills competition. Immediately after the seminar session, both sides worked together for a series of carefully designed activities. For instance, China Expert Team delivered a range of skills assessments with Chinese competitors for paint in line with the World Skills China System. At the same time ECL’s UK Expert Team observed activities and gave support and advice on some possible different approaches to the training and assessment process. The UK and China Experts also worked closely together with the selected Chinese competitors for body repair in the workshop.  

On 23rd Oct 2014, the delegation visited SYVTS in Shanghai. SYVTS is the WorldSkills China Team’s national training base for body repair. Led by Principal Jianhong Bian, SYVTS provided a considerable level of hospitality to its UK guests. The communication activities were mainly focused on the body repair competitors’ training and competition as well as the discussion about how to use WorldSkills standards for daily teaching and assessment for other students who are not WorldSkills competitors. Again, China Expert Team delivered a range of skills assessments with Chinese competitors for body repair while the ECL’s UK Expert Team observed activities and provided support and advice.

Mr Dai from MoHRSS made very positive comments on this event, he said “This event has a great influence on the WorldSkills China Expert Team, especially in competitors’ selection and training, not only because the UK Expert Team has a long history in WorldSkills competition, but also because it has a proven track record of success. Through communicating with the UK Expert Team, we have a better understanding about the international competition standards, and the UK Further Education system.”
Director Xiang from Zhejiang Provincial Department of Human Resource and Social Security also stated her complimentary about the event, she said “There are three purposes of this event: 1. to learn the latest international automotive technology; 2. to achieve mutual improvement through communication between China and the UK; 3. to bring the China Expert Team to the world.  It represents the first important event of its type in Zhejiang Province, and we hope by doing so it can lead Zhejiang to a higher level”.     

The UK WorldSkills Auto-Body Training Manager Mr Frazer Minskip commented on the event: “We were received extremely well by all of the colleges that we visited, and we were highly impressed with the level of equipment and the facilities; we agreed that they were world class. All of the teachers and trainers were extremely well motivated and had an excellent attitude to learning from our expertise and knowledge and transferring this knowledge to their learners within the college. It was a great pleasure to share our best practices to help raise the standards and improve the levels of learning