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Customer Satisfaction Survey Review 2016

What steps have we taken?

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to take part in the 2016 Customer Satisfaction survey. We really value the feedback we receive from our customers, as it enables us to identify areas for future development and focus on the support we provide to the centre network. 

There were 3 core areas that you identified we should focus on: Communication, IMI Centres Hub and changes at IMI. Here is an update on what we’ve done to focus on improving these areas:

Communication: Reaching the relevant member of staff quickly

  • IMI is increasing the number of staff in our customer service team. We recognise that time is of the essence and that queries need to be addressed quickly. We are positive that the increase in staffing levels will assist the centre network in reaching us more quickly on a daily basis.

  • We are introducing a new telephone system which will help direct calls to the best person within the IMI to manage your enquiry more efficiently. This telephone system is due to be deployed in autumn 2016.

  • We have also added signal boosters at the head office which should improve mobile reception in order for staff to be more easily reached.

IMI Centres Hub: Unclear language / training needed / difficult to use

  • Following the feedback we received regarding IMI Centres Hub, we have decided to keep all qualification support and assessment documents on the IMI Awarding website.

  • IMI Centres Hub training: Following a number of requests for training, IMI are investigating the possibility of offering training sessions or webinars to help customers utilise the platform. Keep an eye on the noticeboard and newsletter for more information on this in the coming months.

IMI changes: Merger of IMI and IMI Awards

  • There have been a number of changes over the last year that have impacted on our centre network. Following the merger of IMI and IMI Awards earlier this year we believe we have resumed a more settled, and high level of service to our customers.


We use a variety of channels to inform the IMI Approved Centre network of important information and announcements, including the IMI Awarding Noticeboard, emails and newsletters.

Centre Update Newsletter: The Centre Update newsletter is sent fortnightly and contains many significant articles and notifications of regulatory updates that are relevant to the centre network. These are sent out to centre coordinators - please look out for them.  Previous versions of the newsletter can be found on our website; please follow the link on the right hand side of this page.

Emails: Please ensure that your email server is set up to receive communications from the IMI and allows attachments.

Noticeboard: It is important that centre coordinators and staff check the IMI Awarding Noticeboard regularly for updates that may have a direct impact on your organisation. The noticeboard can be found via the link on the right hand side of this page.