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Booking End Point Assessment

Changes to the notification period to book EPA


After consultation with IMI Centres, Customers and the ESFA, the IMI will be changing the notification period that is required to book End Point Assessment Activities.

With effect from the 1st April 2021, the IMI notification period to book End Point Assessment will change to a notification period of minimum 35 days (current notification period is minimum 90 days). This means we will accept EPA booking dates with up to a minimum of 35 days notice from first assessment - subject to availability of IMI assessor and capacity. We continue to advise Centres to give IMI as much notice as possible for EPA bookings to ensure facilitation of event and to allow as much time as possible for apprentices to prepare leading up to their EPA.

We have also reviewed and made adjustments to our EPA cancellation policy to align to the 35 days booking notice. New cancellation period is 10days. For further information please download the policy via our website.

Important Note: As you may be aware, we are currently working on further developments to our EPA booking system SEPA to improve the current process of booking EPA. One development includes configuring a minimum booking notice period within the system. This will avoid EPA requests being made less than 35 days notice to the IMI. In order to make this work, the system will be relying on EPA expected start date to be as accurate as possible and be no earlier than 35 days before the first scheduled EPA assessment. Due to this we will be opening access for Centre users to make changes to the EPA expected start dates in SEPA in readiness for an automated booking process which will be later released this year.