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Master Technician Bus and Coach

The irtec Master Technician level provides recognition for individuals either in, or working towards a senior position such as a supervisory role or similar within a maintenance and repair workshop environment.

Technicians should be working in the industry and ideally have at least five years experience OR a Level 4 S/NVQ (or equivalent qualification) plus at least one years experience in a relevant industrial environment. This is to ensure they are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques required to diagnose system faults, communicate effectively at all levels and be able to transfer their technical knowledge to others such as apprentices & technicians.

Once accredited, irtec technicians agree to abide by the irtec code of conduct, receive a licence card, certificate and are placed on the irtec technicians register. As an additional benefit, irtec licence holders are eligible to apply for a free Halfords Trade Card.

The practical assessments in the Master Technician licence are as follows:

  1. Electrical System Diagnostics
  2. Computer Based Test Equipment 
  3. Diesel Fuel and Emission Systems  
  4. Instructional Support 
  5. Effective Communication

Technicians have a 12 month window to successfully complete all assessments

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