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IMI Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection Technician

Who is the LV Inspection route for?

The Light Vehicle Inpsection Accreditation has recently undergone a review to ensure it remains current and meets the requirements of the industry. The new documentation went live on 1st May 2017 and is available on this page.

If you require any further information about the new documentation please send an email to

The IMI Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection route is intended for technicians whose job role involves the inspection, maintenance and repair of light vehicles.

There is one level within IMI accreditation light vehicle inspection: -

Inspection Technician must be able to work unsupervised - ideally, they should be in full time employment with at least 3 years experience to ensure they are familiar with the techniques for vehicle servicing, inspection and system(s) diagnosis.

Click to download the full overview for this route