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Large Electric Vehicle: High Voltage Isolation, Reinstatement and Safety

New – The Large Electric Vehicle Technician Route is Now Available.

Aimed at technicians who are responsible for the safe isolation and reinstatement of a `Large Electric Vehicles` high voltage electric drivetrain system.

The term `Large Electric Vehicle` relates to a hybrid or full electric vehicle, for example:

• A vehicle which exceeds 3,500kg  as described in the DVSA HGV Inspection Manual
• Category M2 or M3 vehicle described in the DVSA PSV Inspection Manual
• Other types of `Large Electric Vehicle` may be considered; these will require authorisation by the IMI

Minimum candidate entry requirements; must be a minimum age of 18 and have a level of relevant industry experience; experience could count in another sub-sector such as LCV, LCOMV or B&C in:

• Current Irtec Service Maintenance Technician
• Current irtec Advanced Technician
Hold a relevant nationally recognised automotive mechanical industry competence based qualification i.e SVQ level 5, (NVQ, VCQ level 2), in addition to a minimum of 1 year’s post qualification experience.

In order to achieve an irtec licence, a technician must first pass an Under Pinning Knowledge (theory) test consisting of 30 questions at an IMI approved assessment centre. Once you have completed the Under Pinning Knowledge test you have 12 months in which to successfully complete the practical assessment.

The practical assessment for the Large Electric Vehicle Technician Licence is as follows:

• High Voltage Isolation, Reinstatement and Safety

Once accredited, irtec technicians agree to abide by the irtec code of conduct, receive a licence card, certificate and are placed on their irtec technicians register. As an additional benefit, irtec licence holders are eligible to apply for a free Halfords Trade Card.

Click to download the full overview for this route.