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IMI Level 5 Diploma in Automotive Management (VRQ)

Who is it suitable for?

This Diploma is designed for people ideally working in a middle manager’s role. It offers individuals working in the automotive industry the opportunity to develop, enhance and demonstrate their knowledge of management and to give them the opportunity to progress onto senior levels of management.


The purpose and aim of this knowledge based qualification (VRQ) is to offer individuals working in the automotive industry with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of management and to give them the foundation to progress on to higher levels of management.

The qualification was developed by IMI, in conjunction with automotive management manufacturers, dealer groups, training providers and the IMI Sector Skills Council, whom all recognise the need to prepare and up-skill the automotive managers of the future.

A management role covers a broad range of work activities in a variety of contexts, most of which are complex and non-routine. Managers play an integral role in supporting organisational objectives through a range of functions, such as:

  • planning
  • allocating & monitoring the work of a team
  • supporting team members
  • managing conflict
  • resolving problems
  • project management
  • agreeing budgets
  • and managing customer service

This qualification also provides a broad overview of the workplace, especially in areas such as organisational structures, departmental relationships, health and safety and legal frameworks.


This qualification provides individuals with the knowledge and understanding to progress to higher levels of management.


This qualification has rigorous Written Assignments and Online Tests to ensure critical aspects of the learner’s knowledge and skills are addressed. This qualification’s assignments are specifically contextualised for automotive environment.  This contextualisation aids the learners’ ability to retain information and apply this knowledge effectively.

Want to know more?

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