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L3 Diploma in Vehicle Fitting Supervisory Principles

Who is it suitable for?

This Level 3 qualification is suitable for a vehicle fitter who wishes to develop their supervisory knowledge and skills, i.e. in instructing and organising staff, and dealing with customer service issues, whilst carrying out the full range of services themselves in all types of garages, dealerships and/or fast fit businesses.  This qualification is also the knowledge component of the IMI SSC Advanced Apprenticeship in Vehicle Fitting.


Learners will develop their knowledge and skills of the following:

  • making learning possible through demonstrations and instructions
  • monitoring and solving customer service problems within a vehicle parts environment
  • processing payment transactions within a vehicle parts environment
  • selling motor vehicle parts to customers
  • helping customers to choose motor vehicle parts products
  • receiving and storing motor vehicle parts

Learners will also have the opportunity to choose from one of the following areas:

  • identify and agree motor vehicle customer service needs
  • monitoring procedures to control risk to health and safety


Successful learners can undertake this qualification as the knowledge component of IMI SSC Advanced Apprenticeship in Vehicle Fitting.

When an apprentice has achieved a Level 3 apprenticeship, they can then choose to broaden their education and/or training.

For some individuals, this qualification could prepare them for progression into the workplace.


In order to successfully complete this qualification learners are required to complete a number of IMI Awards’ set:

  • practical assessments
  • online knowledge tests
  • and written knowledge assessments

Want to know more?

Please contact an IMI approved centre.


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