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L3 Diploma in Vehicle Accident Repair – Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET) Principles

Who is it suitable for?

This VRQ offers an ideal step to the vocational competence qualification for those who are employed, and wish to continue with their studies, as the knowledge at L3 meets that of the VCQ. This qualification is for:

  • school and college leavers who wish to join the automotive industry
  • individuals (who are not employed in the industry) who want the opportunity to develop occupational knowledge and carry out practical tasks
  • employees of the industry who are seeking to enhance and/or demonstrate their understanding of their work role.


This L3 qualification provides the essential knowledge and skills for MET technicians working on light and light-goods vehicles in all types of garages and dealerships. The learning programme involves learners studying theory and practical aspects of the role.

Learners also gain a broad knowledge and understanding of health and safety in the workplace and other skills associated with working in a garage.

This qualification also forms the knowledge component (technical certificate) of the IMI SSC Accident Repair Advanced Apprenticeship framework (for MET). This learning programme qualification is based upon IMI Sector Skills Council's National Occupational Standards for Accident Repair Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET) route.

Achievers of this qualification can use it as credit against the knowledge required for the corresponding VCQ.


When an apprentice has achieved a L3 Apprenticeship, they can then choose to broaden their education and training in other ways from this firm base.


The assessment is made up of three components:

  • practical tasks
  • online testing
  • written assignment (coursework)

Want to know more?

Please contact an IMI approved centre.

Declared Purpose Vehicle Accident MET



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