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L3 Award in Electrically Propelled Vehicle Repair and Replacement

This qualification is available in England and Northern Ireland only.

This qualification has expired

Who is it suitable for?

This L3 Award is designed for technicians who maintain and repair electric vehicles. It contains the knowledge and skills required to work safely in and around the vehicle's high & low voltage electrical system and electric drive train system whilst carrying out repairs or maintenance.

On completion, technicians will be able to practically demonstrate that they have the skills required to repair vehicles with low and high voltage electric technologies.


This qualification contains the knowledge of the dangers surrounding electric vehicles and the precautions to avoid potential injury. The purpose and aim of the suite IMI electric vehicle qualifications (VRQs) is to instruct individuals from the retail automotive industry and the public service sector (i.e. members of the emergency services who may attend an accident involving an electric vehicle) in the maintenance, service, and/or handling of electric vehicles.

These qualifications have been developed by IMI in conjunction with electric vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers and the IMI Sector Skills Council. They are the first qualifications of their kind to address electric vehicle (high voltage) technology. The qualifications are essential to ensure the health and safety of individuals working with electric vehicles.


This qualification is assessed by:

  • one online test
  • oral assessments
  • practical assessments

Teaching and Learning Materials

Autonomy, online learning solutions for the automotive sector.
Visit the EV Guide ( for free information about hybrid and electric vehicles. It's aimed at giving people, new to the technology, an overview of hybrid and electric vehicles including the benefits and key features of both types of vehicle and the safety points to consider. The learning resource is generic you will need about 30 minutes to view the site making it ideal to use with all cohorts.

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