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L2 Extended Diploma in Motorsport Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Who is it suitable for?

This is a flexible qualification fundamentally designed for young candidates, ideally those on an IMI Apprenticeship scheme. It suits both lower level candidates; who discover the motor vehicle environment is one that they can flourish in, and for those 'young engineers' with potential.


The IMI Extended Diploma provides individuals a broad breadth of learning within four Applied Units. The criteria are contextualised for the retail motor industry. The Applied Units include:

  • Vehicle Science
  • Vehicle Maths 
  • ICT for Vehicle Repair 
  • Electric & Electronics

A key aspect of the IMI Extended Diplomas qualifications is their close relationship to Life Skills, i.e. Functional Skills / ESW. Candidates also gain a broad knowledge and understanding of:

  • health and safety in the workplace 
  • other skills associated with working on competition vehicles.


For some learners this qualification could prepare them for progression to further learning and training. For others, this qualification could also provide a useful recognition of their practical skills and knowledge, to aid their step from one job role to another.


Knowledge is assessed via:

  • practical assessments in a motor vehicle workshop environment,
  • assignments
  • online multiple-choice testing 
  • assessments

For the written and practical assessments please see the equivalent VRQ.

Want to know more?

Please contact an IMI approved centre.

Declared Purpose IMIAL Level 2 Extended Diploma in Motorsport Vehicle Maintenance and Repair 

SMMT Letter of Support

IMI PB Letter of Support

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