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IMI Level 2 Diploma in Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair Competence

Who is it suitable for?

This VCQ is for:

  • school and college learners on work placements/apprenticeships who wish to join the automotive industry
  • employees working within the industry who are seeking to enhance and/or demonstrate their experience and competence in their work role. Please note, experienced staff enter onto a VCQ programme at the level suited to their role and competence.


This is a work-based automotive qualification that assesses the competence and knowledge that motorcycle technicians require in order to perform their job effectively. It is based upon the IMI Sector Skills Council's National Occupational Standards for Maintenance and Repair (Motorcycle route).


This VCQ is designed to provide a standardised approach for the delivery and assessment of the competence and knowledge requirements and forms the integral component of the IMI SSC Maintenance and Repair Apprenticeship framework (for motorcycle).


Learners are required to demonstrate all of the evidence requirements, learning outcomes, assessment criteria through workplace evidence. Full guidance documents and assessment records are supplied by IMI.


This VCQ is a fundamental part of IMI SSC Maintenance and Repair Apprenticeship Framework. When the L2 Apprenticeship is completed, an apprentice can progress to a L3 Advanced Apprenticeship, or broaden their education and training in other ways from this firm base.


The knowledge component of this qualification is independently assessed via online testing. The tests are mapped to each knowledge unit's learning outcomes and assessment criteria to ensure coverage. These tests are marked electronically by IMI.Want to know more?

Please contact an IMI approved centre.


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