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Functional Skills Qualification in English at Level 1

This learning programme provides English skills for all learners beginning a profession in the motor industry. It is suitable for those who wish to apply their English

skills to a range of unfamiliar contexts, through discussions, exchanges, texts and through written communication.

Functional Skills English at level 1 assesses three components:

  • Speaking, listening and communication 
  • Reading 
  • Writing.

Assessment material is available for each component. Learners need to pass one of each of the components to achieve a qualification. A qualification will be awarded at the level of the lowest component achieved.

The speaking, listening and communication component of this qualification is internally assessed by the centre staff (eg tutors, assessors) and externally moderated by IMI. Assessments are set by IMI.

The reading and writing components of this qualification are externally assessed by IMI.

Units will be graded Pass or Fail.

For further information and advice you can contact an IMI approved centre.


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