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International L4 Fault Diagnosis, Testing and Repair of Heavy Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and Components

Who is it suitable for?

The purpose and aim of this qualification is to provide technicians who maintain and repair heavy electric / hybrid vehicles with the knowledge and skills required to work on live high voltage vehicle electrical components and associated systems.

This qualification has been developed in close liaison with industry specialists, heavy electric/ hybrid vehicle manufacturers, training providers, the health and safety executive and the IMI Sector Skills Council. This is the first qualification of its kind to address working on live high voltage heavy electric / hybrid vehicle systems and components. The qualification is essential to ensure the health and safety of individuals working on heavy electric / hybrid vehicles. On completion of this qualification technicians will be able to practically demonstrate that they have the skills required to diagnose faults and repair high voltage heavy electric / hybrid vehicle systems and components.

This qualification may be used on alternative types of heavy or industrial vehicles where the vehicle drivetrain components are the same to a heavy vehicle; such as a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) exceeding 3500 KG gross vehicle weight