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Inspection Technician Bus and Coach

The minimum entry requirement is 3 years industrial experience or a Level 3 S/NVQ (or equivalent qualification) plus at least one year's experience in a relevant industrial environment.

In order to achieve an irtec licence, a technician must first pass an Under Pinning Knowledge (theory) test consisting of 50 questions at an IMI approved assessment centre, 35 questions will be of a technical content whilst 15 questions will be legislation related. Once you have completed the Under Pinning Knowledge test you have 12 months in which to successfully complete all the practical assessments.

The practical assessments in the Inspection Technician Licence are as follows:

  1. Inspection of Vehicles

Once accredited, irtec technicians agree to abide by the irtec code of conduct, receive a licence card, certificate and are placed on the irtec technicians register. As an additional benefit, irtec licence holders are eligible to apply for a free Halfords Trade Card.

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