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Pre 16 Qualifications

Pre16 Qualifications (VRQs)

pre qualsMany of IMI qualifications are approved for teaching to pre-16 learners. These qualifications provide an introduction to automotive learning; either offering a taster across the various routes available within the sector or a more focussed approach to an individual job role. The qualifications can support employment or progression onto further learning. With no formal entry requirements they are open to anyone aged 14 and over, who are interested in gaining a nationally recognised qualification.

Some qualifications approved for pre-16 learners are also included in the Department of Education (DfE) list of approved qualifications that count as equivalent to GCSEs in school performance tables. This list is updated annually. For the latest approved list of qualifications and further information on performance tables please see the DfE website.

Who are the suitable for?

  • Those interested in a practical introduction to vehicle maintenance
  • 14 plus year olds, interested in progressing on to a higher level course

How do you get one?

  • Full or part-time basis at an IMI approved centre
  • A predominantly practical approach, incorporating many visual learning and assessment tools