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Competence Qualifications

Work Based Qualifications (e.g. NVQS and VCQS)

These are nationally-recognised vocational qualifications that demonstrate, to a national standard, competency in the workplace. Competence qualifications are practically-based and, to establish skill and proficiency, are assessed in the workplace across a range of tasks.

Who are they suitable for?

  • Those who are already in employment and who wish to achieve a qualification that demonstrates competence in the workplace
  • Those undertaking an Apprenticeship with a competence qualification, e.g. VCQ/NVQ, requirement

How do you get one?

  • A student registers with an IMI, approved centre and is observed and assessed doing their job in the workplace
  • A portfolio of evidence is gathered at work while carrying out tasks and meeting the assessment criteria
  • Most students will attend an IMI approved centre on a day release basis to gain the underpinning knowledge needed to do the job – and for online assessment, when required
  • Typically completed in two years (Level 2) or three years (Level 3)