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A qualification that demonstrates competence to do a job to a national standard, with the required technical and Functional Skills/Essential Skills Wales knowledge.

English and Welsh Apprenticeships

There are two levels: Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship and Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships.

An Apprenticeship is a vocational, work-based programme that demonstrates competence and knowledge. With a combination of on-the-job training and assessments, and training through an IMI approved centre, Apprenticeships demonstrate the individual’s competence to do a job to a national standard.

In addition to the core Apprenticeship framework requirements, there are separate requirements for England and Wales. Apprenticeships in Wales include Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR). Apprenticeships in England include ERR and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS).

PLTS covers independent enquiry, creative thinking, reflective learning, team working, self-management and effective participation.

ERR covers health and safety, employment rights and responsibilities, customer rights (including ethics) and industry issues (including professional organisations, and environmental and economic concerns).

An apprenticeship typically consists of:

Apprenticeship progression sheet

Who are they suitable for?

  • Those who prefer vocational training to academic study
  • Those who wish to gain employment by gaining a technical skill and knowledge, but also demonstrate competence in the workplace.

How do you get one?

  • The knowledge requirements (VRQ) and Life Skills, are all delivered and achieved through an IMI approved centre
  • To achieve the competence requirements you will be observed and assessed in the workplace
  • A portfolio of evidence is gathered at work while carrying out tasks and meeting the assessment criteria
  • In addition your knowledge will often be assessed via online assessment at an IMI approved centre.
  • Apprenticeships are typically completed in two years (Level 2 Intermediate) or three years (Level 3 Advanced).

If you would like further information on starting an apprenticeship, you can contact your nearest IMI approved centre.

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