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IMI Accreditation

IMI Accreditation is a national voluntary scheme which tests the current competence of individuals working in the retail automotive industry, who are committed to an ethical code of conduct.

IMI Accreditation

With the increasing complexity and sophistication of vehicles and a shortage of skilled individuals, there has never been a greater need for competent technicians. All IMI Accreditation achievers are listed on the IMI Professional Register. Many IMI Approved Centres offer IMI Accreditation assessments to gain accreditation in the different routes and levels of the scheme see table

Where can I take assessments?

Select your desired route from the table, at the bottom of each of these pages you will see a 'Find your nearest Centre' section. Simply enter your postcode, the search will return the contact details of the centres offering that route.

Who is IMI Accreditation suitable for?

IMI Accreditation is suitable for technicians working in a variety of sectors within the automotive industry (e.g. light vehicle or motorcycle maintenance, roadside assistance, accident repair, autoglazing, parts distribution and customer service etc.)

IMI Accreditation Validity Period

  • In order to ensure individuals keep pace with vehicle technology and ever advancing repair methods, IMI Accreditations are valid for 3 years

IMI Accreditation Update Modules

IMI Accreditation Update Modules have been introduced as an alternative route to reaccreditation. The Update Modules provide the following benefits for individuals, employers and training providers:

  • For employers, it will provide flexibility in their approach to reaccreditation, enabling choice in how they support their technicians accredited status through Update Modules or full reassessment, depending on whichever best suits their business.
  • Enhances the value of becoming reaccredited by combining IMI Accreditation assessment opportunities with update training modules already being undertaken to up skill technicians.
  • Ensures that accreditation keeps pace with rapid change and advancements in technology.
  • The majority of IMI Accreditation routes offer reaccreditation through Update Modules, with the exception of IMI Accreditation Cosmetic Repair, Digital Audio Broadcasting and Roadside Assistance.
  • To find out more information about IMI Accreditation routes and levels see links on the right hand side.

IMI Accreditation Progression

Individuals holding a vocational qualification (NVQ, SVQ and VCQ) can achieve IMI Accreditation status by completing a handful of Update Modules in their chosen discipline. IMI Accreditation recognises the individuals existing qualifications, providing exemption from certain modules to allow flexible accreditation over a 3 year period.

Candidates can convert to IMI Accreditation this way provided:

  • Qualification must be in the same discipline as the IMI Accreditation route and at the same level

  • Relevant Update Modules need to be completed within 3 years of their vocational qualification certificate issue date

  • Must produce their original certificate as proof of qualification achievement.

How can our organisation offer IMI Accreditation assessments?

Find out how to become an IMI Approved Centre and offer IMI Accreditation.