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IMI Accreditation Management 

IMI Accreditation Management is a voluntary accreditation scheme designed to improve management and the consistency of management within the automotive retail industry.

IMI Accreditation Management

IMI Accreditation Management is a voluntary accreditation scheme designed to improve management and the consistency of management within the automotive retail industry. IMI Accreditation Management will also provide recognition of good managers and leaders. The scheme will ultimately make businesses in the sector more efficient and increase profits.

IMI Accreditation Management aims

IMI Accreditation Management is a competency based accreditation scheme which is governed and administered by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).  The accreditation has been designed to provide proof of competency for an individual working in automotive management, providing recognition for good managers and leaders.

IMI Accreditation Management uses the industry recognised management and leadership standard, the Automotive Management and Leadership (M&L) Competency Framework, to assess managers. The Automotive M&L Competency Framework is made up of 16 critical competencies that a good manager needs to demonstrate achievement in.

IMI Accreditation Management was been developed in response to research and calls from automotive employers requiring a practical, fit for purpose management training accreditation.  As a result of these calls, the IMI developed a Management accreditation that provides:

  • Fit for purpose management accreditation
  • Emphasis on workplace competence rather than academic
  • Recognition and direction without taking managers away from their duties for extensive periods of time

Why become IMI Accreditation Management registered?

IMI Accreditation Management highlights areas of competence and areas where improvements can be gained, giving you insight into your management skills

  • It is an industry designed and approved accreditation, therefore it is relevant and recognised by the industry
  • You'll receive regular e-newsletters providing up-to-date industry news, relevant CPD and management and leadership training opportunities 
  • Recognition, status and improved career options 
  • Registration on the IMI Professional Register

Why should employers have managers accredited ?

  • To understand where the skills gaps are within their business
  • To understand where focused training, coaching or cost efficient solutions can provide improved efficiency and increased profitability 
  • IMI Accreditation Management assessment highlights promising individuals for progression, which helps succession planning to future-proof the business 
  • Can lead to funding opportunities to support the business training needs 
  • Drives cost effective training and development

Why choose IMI Accreditation Management?

Industry driven - The IMI have conducted significant research within the industry to ensure the IMI Accreditation Management scheme is relevant and assesses managers in the way employers want.

  • Simple and cost effective - The assessment lasts one day and follows a clear, structured approach to accreditation.
  • No prerequisite qualifications - Prerequisite qualifications are not needed for IMI Accreditation Management assessment. 
  • Good managers can be measured without unnecessary cost. 
  • Online record of achievement - Record of achievements can be easily accessed online via the IMI Accreditation website. 
  • Progression - There are three levels of IMI Accreditation Management assessment (First Line Manager), (Middle Manager) and (Senior Manager), providing a clear progression path. 
  • Continuous improvement, via CPD - Accredited status is valid for a set time period. During this time, accredited managers will keep up to date using CPD and through regular e-communications from IMI. 
  • Ethical development - IMI Accreditation Management scheme ensures that accredited managers sign up to the Code of Conduct.

The assessment process

IMI Accreditation Management assessment has been designed as a flexible, non-academic approach to measuring the critical competencies of an individual in role. Key components include:

  • IMI Accreditation Management 360 provides a reflection of management performance
  • Criteria-based interview carried out in the workplace
  • Environment observation - how the manager leads and responds
  • Management presentation of a real-life business improvement
  • Online knowledge test

How can our organisation offer IMI Accreditation Management assessments?

Find out how to  Become a Centre and offer IMI Accreditation Management.