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IMI Level 3 Diploma in Classic Vehicle Restoration Principles

This qualification is available in England and Northern Ireland only.

Who is it suitable for?

This VRQ is designed for individuals who are interested in the classic vehicle restoration industry.  It also provides an ideal step to the Vocational Competence Qualification (VCQ) for those who are employed, and wish to continue their studies, as the knowledge at Level 3 meets that of the related VCQ.

On completion, technicians will be able to practically demonstrate that they have the high level skills required to access work in the classic vehicle restoration industry and the technical knowledge required to support these skills.


This qualification contains a broad spectrum of units to allow learners the flexibility to develop their knowledge and skills across a range of different disciplines or focus on one specific discipline.  It also develops the learners high knowledge of the history and heritage of classic vehicles.

This qualification has been developed by The IMI in conjunction with the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, employers, training providers and the IMI Sector Skills Council. It is the first qualification to be included in the new vehicle restoration apprenticeship framework.


This qualification forms the knowledge component (technical certificate) of the IMI SSC Vehicle Restoration Advanced Apprenticeship framework. When an apprentice has achieved a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship, they can then choose to broaden their education and training in other ways from this firm base.


Practical Assessments, Written assessment and on line tests

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