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IMI Accreditation

IMI Accreditation is a national voluntary scheme which tests the current competence of individuals working in the retail automotive industry, who are committed to an ethical code of conduct  

IMI offer three types of Accreditation:

IMI Accreditation is suitable for technicians working in a variety of sectors within the automotive industry (e.g. light vehicle or motorcycle maintenance, roadside assistance, accident repair, autoglazing, parts distribution and customer service, sales and finance and insurance etc.).

IMI Accreditation Management focused on management and leadership.
Institute of Road Transport Engineers Certification (irtec) focused on commercial vehicle, trailer and passenger carrying industries.

Accreditation is a voluntary assessment of an individual’s competence against accepted standards. All of the accreditations offered have been developed in conjunction with the industry to enable practical and relevant assessments on day-to-day activities. There are over 20 disciplines available through IMI Accreditation Technical, IMI Accreditation Management and irtec, each with a range of levels enabling recognition of advancement and the opportunity for career progression.

The accreditations are quality assured by IMI and provide recognition of an individual’s current competency for specific routes.

To ensure that your centre meets all the registration and photo card specifications required for IMI Accreditation, please read through the following document carefully IMI Accreditation Reg Guide Web 

Important note for irtec centres: Please complete the Technician Application form, found here, when registering your technicians with IMI and then send the form to the SOE,

Important note for Assessors: Assessment strategies and other relevant documentation for IMI Accreditation and irtec can be found by following the links below:

Assessing Accreditations

To assess any of the IMI Accreditation routes or irtec routes you must hold the relevant Accreditated Assessor Award and complete CPD relevant to the routes you assess. Accreditated Assessor workshops are available for technical, non-technical, accident repair, management and iretc routes, in addition to some specialised ones (VDA and AOM133). Information about upcoming Accredited Assessor workshops can be found here.

Do you already assess Accreditations? Find out how to apply for a valid Accredited Assessor Certificate.

If you need assistance to decide which workshop(s) suits your requirements please contact your External Quality Assurer or email

For all the latest qualification and accreditation updates and developments click here

Full Assessment

IMI Accreditation is a national voluntary scheme which tests the current competence of individuals working in the retail automotive industry, who are committed to an ethical code of conduct. With the increasing complexity and sophistication of vehicles and a shortage of skilled individuals, there has never been a greater need for competent technicians. All IMI Accreditation achievers are listed on the IMI Professional Register. Many IMI Awards approved centres offer IMI Accreditation assessments to gain accreditation in the different routes and levels of the scheme. 

*Levels are indicative



Reaccreditaton AOM Updates

For technicians wishing to retain ID Card there are two options, these are:

  • Full Assessment
  • AOM Update

ID Card must be current (i.e. valid before the last AOM is achieved).

To achieve each module the technician is measured by a skill and knowledge test.

Click each route and level for full overview information.

* Levels are indicative


Standalone Assessed Outcome Modules (AOM)

*Levels are indicative



irtec is an independent and renewable accreditation scheme that assesses the competence of technicians working in the commercial vehicle, trailer and passenger carrying industries. Technicians and mechanics who take the irtec test are assessed on their theoretical and practical skills and, if successful, are awarded an irtec licence.


irtec Re-accreditation
IMI Accredited Assessment Management