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IMI Accreditation Finance and Insurance Advisor

Our new accreditation route for finance & insurance has been developed in conjunction with industry expertise, and is available via our network of approved centres.

It is aimed at professionals in customer-facing motor industry roles, responsible for selling finance and insurance products to consumers. The accreditation enables individuals to demonstrate their current competence and professionalism via knowledge tests, for both ‘finance’ and ‘insurance’, and practical assessments including role plays.

As well as focusing on key skills such as qualifying and presenting, it also highlights your ability to ‘treat customers fairly’ (TCF) whilst operating in accordance with current legal guidelines. Furthermore, all those undertaking IMI Accreditation F&I will be required to sign an ethical code of conduct.

Please note: In order to register for IMI Accreditation F&I, you must hold a current SAF certificate.  


Further details about IMI Accreditation F&I can be found in our overview document.

Click here for the full overview

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