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IMI Accreditation Air Conditioning - Refrigerant Handler

New EU F-gas legislation (517/2014) replaces the 2006 regulation and comes into force from January 2015. The refrigerant trucks and trailers sector has been added to the list requiring training, however no specific requirements have yet been published by Defra in the UK, however they are consulting on the new requirements, and you have until the 20th January to respond:

Important note: training and certification in the 2014 F-Gas Regulation are based largely on the existing requirements in the 2006 Regulation. Existing qualifications remain valid.

This information sheet should be read in conjunction with information sheets covering existing sector specific requirements (RAP5, FP5, MAC5, SCS5 and SV1) available on the Defra website:

Note: All Air Conditioning IMI Accreditation levels meet the minimum requirements set out in EC Regulation (EC) No. 307/2008.

Who is the Air Conditioning route for?

The IMI Accreditation Air Conditioning route is intended for technicians whose job role involves the maintenance and repair or accident repair (MET role or similar) of light vehicles and will have contact with the vehicle Air Conditioning system during their work activities.

There are three levels within IMI Accreditation Air Conditioning:

  • Refrigerant Handler
  • Service Technician 
  • Diagnostic Technician
Click for the full overview document for this route