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Risk assessment requirements for external activity

So many businesses have returned to work which is a fantastic boost after what has been such a difficult time. All facilities that are re-opening will have had to complete specific guidelines prior to doing so, such as carrying out Covid-19 risk assessments, introducing detailed hygiene procedures and instilling social distancing protocols, as detailed on the Government website.

IMI have been conducting the associated risk assessments for our staff members returning to external activities in line with Government requirements.  In order for our staff to enter your premises to conduct various internal and external assessment activities, you will now need to provide details of your risk assessments to cover IMI staff on your premises

You will need to demonstrate that you have all the detailed requirements in place or the IMI cannot conduct any activity at your premises.

To support the return to activities, you will need to provide us with a completed risk assessment prior to the scheduled activity/engagement.  Please do so by adding as a document on IMI Centres Hub.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your EQA or our Centre Admin Support Team.