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New Process

Requesting Candidate detail changes and transfers that involve Functional Skills

Please complete the relevant Functional Skills forms, found on the right hand side of this page as well as on Centres Hub and submit them attached to an Enquiry Form.

Details Changes

Please always provide a reason for the change. If the change is radical please provide a marriage certificate or Proof of Name Change Deed Poll. For dates of birth changes please provide proof such as copy birth certificate or driving licence.

Please do not allow the candidate to do any functional skills online tests until notified that the changes have been processed in order to ensure that an incorrect certificate is not issued.

There is a charge of £11.00 to amend the details across both the IMI and Skillsfirst systems plus £45.00 for any reprints of incorrect certificates as detailed in our Fees and Charges.

If functional skills tests have recently been taken please advise so we can prevent an incorrect certificate being issued.

Transfer of Qualifications from one centre to another

Before completing the Enquiry Form the requesting centre needs to email the Centre Coordinator at the candidate’s current entre to request release of the candidate and then attach their approval reply to the Enquiry Form.  

There is an administration charge of £27.00 per candidate plus an additional charge of £13.00 per Functional Skills qualification for the requesting centre as detailed in our Fees and Charges.

Also the requesting centre needs to advise exactly which qualifications require transferring. If the candidate will be using ePortfolio the requesting centre needs to ask if the candidate is currently using this and then also request that the transfer is made on ePortfolio.

N.B. There is no need to email or complete any other forms regarding these matters as we will process the requests across all systems as required.