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Requesting Changes

Key reminders for all IMI approved centres

Functional Skills – New forms

For the security of candidate details under GDPR, we request that for all candidate detail changes, transfers or duplicate certificate requests are made via an Enquiry Form on Centres Hub**. For those involving functional skills please additionally complete the relevant form on the Hub and attach it to an Enquiry form. This will enable us make the necessary changes to both the IMI systems and for SkillsFirst.

**These forms can be found on the home Page of the Centre’s Hub under Key the IMI Documents >> Functional Skills Forms.

Candidate Detail Changes

There is a charge of £11.00* to amend the details across both the IMI and Skillsfirst systems. Please always give an explanation as to the need for the request. For all date of birth changes please provide a copy of the birth certificate as proof of the correct date of birth.

Please do not allow the candidate to do any functional skills online tests until the Centre has been notified that the change has/changes have been processed in order to prevent an incorrect certificate being issued.

Also if functional skills tests have recently been taken please ring to advise so that an incorrect certificate can be prevented.

Any incorrect certificates must be returned to the IMI and there is charge of plus £45.00* in addition to the correction charge.

Transfer of Candidate from one Centre to another

To make a transfer, the requesting centre needs to email the Centre Co-ordinator at the holding centre to request release and then the requesting centre needs attach this email to an Enquiry form on the HUB and submit that to us for processing. There is an administration charge of £27.00* per candidate for the requesting centre. Functional Skills qualifications incur an additional charge of £13.00* per qualification.

Also the requesting centre needs to advise which qualifications require transferring.

If the candidate will be using ePortfolio the requesting centre needs to ask if the candidate is currently using this and then also request that the transfer is made on eportfolio.

Cancelled centres visits

Centres that cancel visits at short notice and do not give at least 10 working days’ notice will be charged for the rearranged visit. Further details can be found in section 7.1 of the IMI operating manual.

Duplicate Functional Skills certificates.

Duplicate Functional Skills certificates cost £45.00

*All prices are as detailed in our Fees and Charges as seen on our Website. Click here.