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Language of Assessment

The assessments that an IMI approved centre is required to provide will be determined by the qualifications and/or accreditations that they offer.  There are a number of assessment methods available. The assessor must ensure that he/she chooses the method(s) that meet the assessment strategy of the qualification being assessed.

The centre must be aware that if the assessment of the qualification is going to be in a language other than English (when the assessment will take place in England or Northern Ireland), and Welsh and/or English (when it will take place in Wales) the centre must notify IMI prior to registering the candidate.

Note: it is essential that the assessment strategy for the qualification is checked, as not all qualifications allow the use of a language other than English or Welsh e.g. IMI MOT Qualifications.

Full details of the IMI assessment requirements are detailed in Section 2.5 of the IMI operating manual, which can be found in the downloads section on the right-hand side of this page.