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ePortfolio Development Update

To further enhance the IMI ePortfolio platform for our centre network, a number of planned updates are currently in development.

These developments will be going live at the end of October, early November and are being implemented to improve the platform, making it more user-friendly and easier to complete processes.

Some of the changes are detailed below

  • Shared units across qualifications, such as general units, can be changed / amended according to a specific qualification
  • On-screen reminders to save work every 30 minutes
  • Audit trail against any uploaded evidence
  • Students will no longer need to reply to the Assessor. The Assessor will activate the task, and it is then ready to be completed / passed
  • Any comments recorded against the removal of any evidence can be viewed by all parties, providing a clear audit trail
  • The candidate assessment summary is being built into ePortfolio and the unit sign-off date will be automatically populated.

Candidate progression data can be downloaded into, or accessed by Excel / CSV file disruption to a minimum.

If you have any queries about the improvements being made email, or call 01992 511521.