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Updated Autoglazing Accreditation routes

The existing four IMI Autoglazing accreditation routes have recently been redeveloped after consulting with the autoglazing industry. They now contain updated or new Assessed Outcome Modules (AOMs) at all levels. In addition to this, the online assessments have been rewritten to accommodate new technologies and processes which reflect the requirements needed for the autoglazing industry. The previous routes are now closed for registrations.

Please note: All AOMs have now been updated to reflect current industry terminology and latest vehicle technology.

There are some key changes which, as an approved IMI centre, you should be aware of. These changes are detailed below:

IMIA-ATA-AG-2-12 IMI Accreditation Autoglazing – Grade 2 Technician

AOM - 097 has been replaced with AOM - 100 with 'Basic and Complex' removed. Additional knowledge includes:

  • Autonomous technology
  • EPA awareness, disposal procedures and waste management
  • Awareness of ADAS and relevant company procedures
  • Procedures used to report defects found on inspection after the removal of windscreens

IMIA-ATA-AG-3-12 IMI Accreditation Autoglazing Grade 1 Technician

In addition to those AOMs that feature in grade 2.

AOM - 099 now requires candidates to carry out calibration to an ADAS screen sensor after removal and replacing a front screen.

IMIA-ATA-AG-4-12 IMI Accreditation Autoglazing - Master Technician

This level has seen a significant change focusing on supporting and coaching autoglazing technicians, as well as containing new assessed outcome modules.

New assessment modules include:

  • Front windscreen - instructional support task when investigating water entry
  • Remove and refit a door control module
  • ADAS Recalibration coaching task

Both knowledge and skills have been developed to reflect the correct understanding and competence needing to be demonstrated by master technicians.

IMIA-ATA-ABS-3-12 IMI Accreditation Autoglazing - Bodyshop Technician

AOM – 099 has been replaced with AOM – 096 where the front screen is not required to be calibrated.

Additional knowledge to include:

  • EPA awareness, disposal procedures and waste management
  • Procedures used to report defects found on inspection after the removal of windscreens

Your centre has been automatically approved for the new versions (based on your current Autoglazing approval). Registrations are now active.

Please ensure you update your staff area within Centres Hub, adding the replacement version to any Assessor/Verifiers that were approved to deliver the previous version, in line with external quality requirements.

If you have any queries please email or call +44 (0)1992 667799.