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Parliamentary petition for sustainable college funding

A parliamentary petition calling for college funding to be increased to 'sustainable levels' was launched on the 10th October 2018.  

'A decade of almost continuous cuts and constant reforms has led to a significant reduction in the resources available for teaching and support for sixth formers in schools and colleges; potentially restricted course choice; fewer adults in learning; pressures on staff pay and workload, a growing population that is not able to acquire the skills the UK needs to secure prosperity post-Brexit.'

This petition calls 'upon the government to increase college funding to sustainable levels, including immediate parity with recently announced increases to schools funding; to give all students a fair chance, give college staff fair pay and provide the high-quality skills the country needs.'

If a petition hits 10,000 signatures the government must respond to it.  At 100,000 signatures it will be considered for debate in parliament. 

To sign the petition, please click on this link: