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Online assessment requirements

Centres delivering IMI online assessments must ensure that all centre personnel are aware of and actively adhering to the published guidance.

All IMI online assessments must be delivered in a controlled environment and invigilated in accordance with the centre's invigilation policy and IMI requirements.

Full details of IMI requirements are detailed in section 5.1 of the operating manual, which can be found on the right-hand side of this page. 

A number of specific areas to draw your attention to are that:

  • Candidates must be logged onto the system by an IMI approved invigilator only, using their IMI PIN and password.

  • Sharing or misusing invigilators’ PINs and/or passwords is strictly prohibited.

  • Assessors should not be permitted to act as invigilators.

  • Candidates must complete the online assessments individually and may not be assisted by anyone.

  • Only the registered candidate may take an online assessment. Centre personnel must not log on as a candidate to view any online assessments.

  • Candidates must not retake an online assessment they have failed for at least 48 hours. Downloading or saving any part of an IMI online assessment is strictly prohibited.