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MOT VT8 observation times

Please note that protracted times for VT8s are not acceptable

Whilst there is no set time for an MOT, excessively protracted VT8s do not simulate, as they are intended, real life tests. Actual tests, on average take about 40 minutes depending on the vehicle.

It is accepted that VT8s will inevitably take longer than the national average but Training Centres and VTSs generally present straightforward, defect free vehicles so times should not be excessively long.

It is not uncommon for VT8s to take between 3 and 4 hours, in one instance just short of 5 hours. This cannot be demonstrating competence.

DVSA will be formulating guidance on the maximum time that demonstration tests should take before the test is aborted and the candidate fails. We will communicate this to centres once it has been put together and shared with us.