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DVSA MOT Tester and Manager Changes 2016

IMI offers a complete solution for MOT qualifications, annual training and annual assessment. 

You may be aware that DVSA have changed the way they authorise MOT testers and managers classes 1 and 2 (Motorcycle) and classes 4 and 7 (Light Vehicle).

What is changing?

IMI is officially authorised by DVSA to offer MOT Tester and Manager qualifications in both Light Vehicle and Motorcycle.

If you are interested in taking the MOT Testing qualification (Light Vehicle), the requirements are achievement of a Level 3 Light Vehicle qualification, with a minimum of 4 years’ experience in the industry. Alternatively, if you would like to take the Motorcycle MOT Testing qualification, you will only need to have 4 years’ industry experience.

DVSA will also accept equivalent achievements in place of a qualification. This could be IMI Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection, or IMI Accreditation Diagnostic Technician Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair.  

There are no eligibility criteria for those wishing to apply for the MOT Centre Management qualifications. For further information about the DVSA MOT changes, visit

How can my centre get involved?

As an IMI Approved Centre, you can apply to offer the new IMI MOT qualifications to a market of more than 7,500 individuals wanting to become MOT testers and managers. We have already approved a number of organisations to deliver the new MOT qualifications. 

You can also help those who are not yet eligible to take the MOT qualification, via IMI qualifications and accreditations.

Why choose IMI?

IMI are the leading automotive awarding organisation and have got all your needs covered:

  • L2 Award in MOT Testing (classes 4 & 7) Light Vehicle           £76 (Registration and certification)
  • L2 Award in MOT Testing (classes 1 & 2) Motorcycle               £76 (Registration and certification)
  • L3 Award in MOT Test Centre Management                               £80 (Registration and certification)

Coming soon:

IMI eLearning materials to support the delivery of these qualifications. If you are interested in finding out more, email  

Visit to find out more about our MOT product offer, or email