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Level 1 ePortfolio Update

new registrationS from january 22nd 2017

Good news - All new registrations on any of the new Level 1 qualifications (Transport Maintenance or Accident Repair) now have access to an ePortfolio solution with written assessments and skills tasks.

Current Candidates on Level 1 Transport Maintenance Qualifications

Towards the end of 2016 an ePortfolio solution was made available to approved centres for the newly released Level 1 Transport Maintenance qualifications. Unfortunately the combined assessments related to this qualification did not naturally fit within the current templates available on ePortfolio. Due to this the ePortfolio was developed with a downloadable Word template which could be completed, uploaded and marked by the assessor.

Following a large amount of feedback from our approved centres, we decided to further develop these Level 1 qualifications and produce written assessments and skills tasks to suit the templates available in ePortfolio. This work was completed on 21st January 2017 and this new version was made available to all new candidates.

Why has my progression percentage gone down?

Because each unit now has a written assessment and a skills task the evidence requirements have increased from one assessment to two assessments. Due to this, any unit which has a requirement for a knowledge assessment and a practical assessment has reduced in progression/achievement by approximately 50%. Please note that no work which has already been submitted/completed has been lost.

How do I put the progression back to where it was?

To return the progression back to where it was prior to 22nd January 2017 you will need to complete a couple of steps. Firstly, as the assessor, log in to ePortfolio and ‘activate’ the skills tasks for each of your groups. You can do this by hovering over ‘Activate Assessments’ and selecting ‘Bulk assessment Activation’ from the drop down menu. Now select your group and click ‘search’. A list of the available new assessments will appear on the screen which relate to that group. Select the new skills assessments/practical tasks, enter a ‘from’ and ‘to’ date and click ‘activate’. These assessments will now show in the candidates’ ePortfolio under ‘Tasks I Need To Start’.

Once activated, as the assessor, you can ‘Bulk Pass’ any assessments the candidate/group has already completed. If, for example, the candidate/group has already completed L1MV85 combined assessment which also included the practical activity you can ‘Bulk Pass’ this skills/practical task. To do this hover over ‘Activate Assessments’ and select ‘Bulk PASS Assessments’, select the assessment you want to bulk pass and then select the candidate(s) you want to apply this to.




Make sure the Pass/Resubmit drop down box is set to ‘Pass’ and click ‘save’.



Providing you have already assessed and passed the original written assessment, L1MV85 will now show to the candidate as 100% achieved.

How do I access the new versions of the written assessments?

Unfortunately at this time the new version written assessments are only available to candidates who were activated on ePortfolio on or after 22nd January 2017. We are currently working with the developer to see if we can find a solution to enable all existing candidates to gain access to the new written assessments and we hope to update you soon.

How will you communicate to the approved centres of any further updates?

Please keep checking the noticeboard on the IMI Awarding website. Any updates will be posted there first and then sent out via e-shots and centre updates.