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KS4 Overview

The IMI is pleased to announce confirmation from the Department for Education (DfE) that two new qualifications are to be included in the 2020 KS4 Performance Tables.

Qualification Number Qualification Title GLH TQT
603/3088/0 IMI Level 1 Certificate in Carrying out Periodic Vehicle Maintenance 129 150
603/3089/2 IMI Level 2 Certificate in Automotive Maintenance 153 184





Developed for schools, colleges and training providers, these qualifications are suited to learners looking to study a Technical Award alongside their GCSE offer. They are also suitable to those who have had no previous experience and looking for an entry route into an engineering or automotive occupation.

With a lower GLH, these qualifications equate to one GCSE and have been designed to be practical, engaging and motivating to support learners in gaining the basic knowledge and skills required by employers.

Key changes compared to our current KS4 offer:

  • The mandatory maths and science elements have been embedded and are no longer separately assessed
  • The project has been replaced with a synoptic assessment