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Important Functional Skills Notice

Release of Windows automatic security update (KB3132372) and Windows 10 reminder

Windows have recently released an automatic security update (KB3132372) which has caused several applications to crash on various systems worldwide.
Unfortunately, the Functional Skills testing platform (SecureClient) has been affected by this.

As a result, any PC / laptop running on Windows 8 which has installed this security update, will have a faulty Windows Adobe Flash update now installed on it.  This means that you may be unable to open SecureClient (or a white screen will appear when you attempt to open it).

In order to rectify this you will need to uninstall the update ‘KB3132372’ on your PC / laptop.

Once you have uninstalled this update, please shutdown and restart your PC / laptop to take effect.

Revision to Functional Skills resit window

The timeframe between sitting a Functional Skills exam and taking a resit has been reduced from 30 days to 14 days with immediate effect.

It is important to note that where exams are taken online the 14 days will commence from the date the exam is uploaded.

For more information please refer to the 2016 Functional Skills Exam Delivery Calendar