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IMI ePortfolio Updates

Please read the information below to familiarise yourself with the latest updates to the IMI ePortfolio platform.

IMI ePortfolio Re-brand

As we have now transitioned from IMI Awards to IMI, we have re-branded ePortfolio in-keeping with the IMI look and feel. You will notice that the colour schemes have been changed throughout the platform, as have the logos and fonts. These changes will not impact processes on the platform. We hope that you like the new style.

Removal of Assessors

We would like to remind centres that once an Assessor / IQA is deleted from Centres Hub, their pin will then be removed from our internal system which will in turn remove the assessor from ePortfolio.

If you have an Assessor / IQA that has left your centre, please kindly ensure that all candidates that are currently sitting with the Assessor / IQA to be removed are moved to a new Assessor / IQA BEFORE they are deleted from Centres Hub.  Candidates can be moved using the ‘Change Assessor’ tab on the ePortfolio Centre Administration site.

Full guidance on how to change assessors is detailed in the ‘User notes for ePortfolio Administrators’

Progression Download Data

The new IMI ePortfolio data download is now live in the system. The new development will allow you to download either overall progression for candidates or unit progression for candidates. Please see the step-by-step guide on how to use this.  

If you have any queries regarding these updates, please email