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IMI eLearning

IMI eLearning is a bespoke learning platform that supports Light Vehicle and Accident Repair training. 

The platform uses a blend of multimedia to bring learning to life through interactive activities, 3D imagery, in-depth explanations and links to relevant articles for further study. IMI eLearning encourages users to undertake studies through a range of learning methods.

It is suitable for use by training providers, schools or colleges that offer automotive qualifications across all awarding organisations (IMI, City & Guilds and Pearson). The materials are designed to be used by both teachers and students, in classroom environments and at home where students can access the platform independently whilst teachers track their progress.

Two versions of IMI eLearning are available – Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and Centre-based learning. The VLE is an online version where centres have a dedicated extranet customisable with their logo and is accessible 24/7 for learners and teachers. The centre-based version is a great tool for in-class environments as a learning resource. Teachers have access to 3D diagrams, interactive features and can annotate sections to aid learners’ development.

If you would like further information about IMI eLearning, visit or email for a free trial.