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IMI MOT Qualifications - Centre Requirements

IMI MOT Qualifications - Eligibility reminder

In accordance with IMI and DVSA requirements, centres must ensure that candidates have at least 4 years' industry experience to be eligible for the MOT Qualifications and to apply to be an MOT Tester.

Remote assessments

Should a prospective or approved centre wish to apply to deliver the qualification and carry out the assessments utilising a specific remote/satellite centre as opposed to using a ‘designated assessment centre’ as indicated in the initial approval application, they must ensure that they inform and seek approval from their EQA prior to training taking place and inform IMI (a minimum of 14 days in advance) of when and where the delivery of the qualifications taking place.

Online assessment requirements

Centres are reminded to take note of the requirements for undertaking the 'open book' online assessment and resources available to candidates.

Full details of the resources available can be found in the following publication.  

It is particularly important that centres are aware that documentation for these qualifications are only available in English, therefore candidates must be conversant in English language prior to undertaking these qualifications.  Full details are provided in the relevant qualification specification.

Registering with DVSA

IMI approved centres who wish to offer successful candidates who achieve an IMI MOT qualification the opportunity to undertake their final DVSA observation (VT8) within their training facility (where it is not an existing MOT testing station) must provide the relevant information to IMI to be registered with DVSA in order to receive a Vehicle Test Station (VTS) or Training Centre Site number (this does not make it a live MOT testing station).

Please note that only original qualification certificate serial numbers are permitted when requesting VT8s. Certificates of achievement are NOT accepted by DVSA.

Full details of the requirements for delivering IMI MOT qualifications are detailed in section 8.1 of the operating manual, which can be found on the right-hand side of this page.