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DVSA Security Cards

New Testers: All new testers must have an activated security card before they can perform their demo test.  All testers who have passed must log-on to MTS and upload their certificate details as soon as possible.  The system will prompt them to order a security card, once they receive this security card they will activate the card and will be able to request their demo test for the VE.

AEDMs: Once the manager has attended the AEDM training course they should provide a copy of their certificate to the local area office.  This will enable the area office to add them to the system and set them up with the role.  The AEDM must then log-in to MTS and order a security card as prompted by the system.  Once they have activated their card they can accept the role and continue to use MTS, assign roles and purchase testing slots.  This should be done as soon as possible to avoid any delays in accepting the role once allocated by the area office.

It is a requirement that all IMI approved centres delivering the MOT qualifications must ensure that candidates are aware of this by using the content of these slides

Driving Licence Eligibility Checks

As part of candidate eligibility checks, all centres are required to ensure that the following is carried out with immediate effect.


Instruct prospective candidate to access the DVLA website ( "View or share your driving licence information" and create a licence check code.

They will be instructed to enter their:

• Driving Licence Number
• National Insurance Number
• Their postcode

Having viewed their details they would choose the tab: "Share your licence information" and click "get code".

They can print or save the code which will remain active for 21 days, however it is case sensitive and is for a single use.

Being case sensitive it is important it is recorded correctly.

Approved centre:

The centre will need to access the DVLA website ( "Check someone's driving licence information"

Ensure you have available:

• Candidates Driving licence
• Candidates Check code.

Enter the details as instructed and click "Check Licence"

View current status summary and cross reference with physical driving licence.

Evidence that the check has been carried out is required to be retained for at least 6 months for audit purposes.