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Candidate Registration Requirements

Registering Candidates

Candidate registration is an integral part of the quality assurance process.  All candidates must be registered with IMI for each qualification, accreditation and/or Quality Assured Programme and centres must register each candidate in line with IMI requirements to ensure that each learner is uniquely identified.

It as a requirement that candidates undertaking regulated qualifications are registered within 90 days from the start of programme.

Failure to adhere to our candidate registration requirements including late registrations, both infrequent and persistent, will be scrutinised by the IMI Quality & Compliance department and regarded as maladministration in line with IMI's Malpractice and Maladministration Policy (see section 1.10 of the IMI Operating Manual).

For full details of the IMI requirements for registering candidates please refer to section 4.1 of the IMI Operating Manual.