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Action to withdraw ‘unused’ qualifications

In response to the Government’s post-16 Skills Plan, Ofqual have taken action to withdraw ‘unused’ qualifications.  As a result Ofqual requires the IMI to withdraw the following 8 qualifications for registration on Friday 30th September 2016.

600/0177/X    IMI Level 4 Diploma in Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Competence  
600/2988/2    IMI Level 3 Diploma in Automotive Competence for First Line Managers  
600/1690/5    IMI Level 3 Extended Diploma in Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles (VRQ)
600/2994/8    IMI Level 5 Diploma in Automotive Management Competence for Middle Managers  
600/6086/4    IMI Level 3 Diploma in Caravan and Motorhome Maintenance and Repair  
600/9684/6    IMI Level 3 Diploma in Multi-Skilled Vehicle Collision Repair  
601/1592/0    IMI Level 2 Award in Employee Rights and Responsibilities in the Logistics Sector (VRQ)
600/7794/3    IMI Level 3 Diploma in Land-Based Technology (VRQ)

However should there be learners on these qualifications; we are required to supply evidence of their registration to Ofqual by Friday 30th September 2016.

If you have learners registered on one of the following qualifications, please email us with your learner numbers by 4pm on Wednesday 28th September on