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IMI Student Membership

Where automotive excellence begins 

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Why has IMI Student Membership been created?

IMI Student membership is FREE for all IMI learners taking an eligible* IMI Qualification. *find out if your students are eligible to the right of the page*.

IMI Student membership was founded to enable us to communicate directly with IMI students to explain the benefits of taking an IMI qualification, support them with advice and guidance throughout their qualification and through the transition into their future career, whilst demonstrating the validity of our qualifications and collecting learner destination data.

Working with our centre network and their students will enable us to ensure they have a positive learning experience and a fulfilling career in the automotive industry

How can you help students sign up?

Once a learner has registered on an IMI Qualification, centres are required to ensure each learner validates their registration and provides additional information such as address, phone number and email through an online form.

Download our lesson plan to the right, which will give you a guide on an ‘Introduction and Registration for IMI Student Membership’. It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up!

Top 5 reason to join IMI Student Membership

  1. Qualification Support
  2. Careers Guidance/Job support
  3. Life skills
  4. Professionalism
  5. Latest Industry Updates