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IMI Smart EPA (SEPA) Development update

IMI Smart EPA (SEPA) booking system

The IMI are working with Smart EPA to bring an efficient and easy way to book and manage EPA for your apprentices.
Keep up to date with all developments in the build up to our fully functioning EPA booking tool

LaTEST 26-10-2020

Following the below 09-10-2020, we are pleased to confirm we have added in some new features into WebPortal2 registration process to accomodate for the formatting and data entry requirements to ensure successful registration of apprentices into SEPA. 

New features are:

  • Postcode Checker - There is now a new 'verify' button which ensures Postcodes entered for the employer and home addresses are valid. When entering postcodes at registration point for apprentices employer and home details, you must click verify. If the verify button is not selected, the following message will appear; 'Please validate address details by clicking 'Verify'. This is using the Batch registration process. For the spreadsheet registration process, the system will automatically correct postcode format to correct one, therefore eliminating the error message. However it is still very important to ensure the postcodes are accurate and valid when entering.
  • EPA Start Date - WebPortal2 will now flag any EPA Start Dates that are not entered with todays date or future date. This is to ensure apprentices are being registered with the most accurate EPA expected start dates. Using the batch registration process, the following error message will appear on screen to notify you to correct the dates 'EPA expected start date must be today or future date'. Via the spreadsheet upload registration process, the system will display the page of error(s), and validation result will show 'Not OK' and reason will specify 'EPA expected satrt date must be today or future date. Please insert a vliad EPA expected start date'.

*Update to changing Apprentice or Employer details in SEPA*

If you require to update or change any details for apprentice’s personal details such as a candidate’s address or employer details that are in SEPA, please action this by either of the following 2 processes below:

  • Apprentices registered on an EPA package prior to 28/06/2020 – Please request any changes that need to be made by contacting Please include the apprentice’s name and ULN that it effects and detail the changes that need to be made. 
  • Apprentices registered on a EPA package after 28/06/2020 – Please make any changes to apprentice of employer details via web portal 2. Guidance on how to make these change can be found by referring to our Operating Manual Section 4.2 for guidance.

UPDATE - 09-10-2020

Following our SEPA development update 16-06-2020, we have had successful automatic registrations from WebPortal2 into SEPA for apprentices registered on or after the 29th June 2020 on an EPA package.

To ensure continuous successful automation of registrations, we would like to remind you of the mandatory information that is required to be accurate to ensure a successful integration:

•    Formatting of Postcode – Please ensure that the format of the postcode is with capital letters and a space i.e. - SG13 8PQ
•    EPA Expected Start Date – This date must be a future date and as accurate as possible. All dates entered are checked at the EPA booking point. 
•    ULN – If you receive a rejection for a ULN from WebPortal2, you will need to rectify this to enable a successful integration into SEPA
•    Work Address 2 Line  - This line is currently mandatory and must be completed. This cannot be left blank, nor can any symbols be used. This can be duplicated from Work Line Address 1 if necessary. 

We will be working to further enhance WebPortal2 registration process to automate an error message when information is entered incorrectly to avoid rejections of registrations into SEPA where the above criteria is not met. 
As these enhancements are currently in development, if you have entered any information for apprentices not meeting the specified criteria above, IMI will be informed of the errors and help rectify on your behalf to ensure apprentices are registered in SEPA. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding and if you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

update - 16-06-2020

Further to the most recent update below, we are pleased to announce the first stage of the development has been complete.

What does this mean:

  • Any apprentices registered on the 29th June 2020 on an EPA package through webportal2 will automatically be registered into SEPA. 
  • All existing EPA package registered apprentices, prior to 29th June 2020, will not appear in SEPA. Further development work is underway to get all existing apprentices registered in SEPA. The IMI are currently working on the next stage of development and will be in touch when convenient with sufficient notice.
  • Any Centres that are not yet engaged with SEPA, but are looking to book an EPA for apprentices imminently, please email informing us you require a user account to access SEPA.
  • Due to this development, centres are now required to update apprentice information, including employer information on WebPortal2. All information, except for the apprentice first name, middle name, surname and date of birth will be available to amend. Once these amendments have been made, they will also update in SEPA. It is important to keep apprentice information up to date for purposes of EPA booking notifications, results and apprenticeship certification claims made by the IMI to the ESFA upon success of completing EPA.
  • To reflect these changes, training providers will have the rights to amend apprentice/employer details on SEPA removed, therefore read only access will be applied.

If you have any questions or queries relating to this communication, please do not hesitate to contact us.


There has been progress in developments between IMI registration system, Webportal and IMI EPA booking system, Smart EPA (SEPA).
We are pleased to announce these progress in developments now mean, any apprentice that is registered on an EPA package, from Monday 20th January 2020 onwards, will be automatically registered within SEPA.

What does this mean:

  • The additional fields listed below will be required when making registration for an apprentice on an any apprenticeship standard package with the IMI from Monday 20th January 2020 onwards:
  • Employer title
  • Employer first name
  • Employer surname
  • Employer job title
  • Employer email

*Updated version of apprenticeship standards registration guide is available on Webportal 2 for reference of these additional mandatory fields

Any further questions please get in touch