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End Point Assessment update

Key EPA information

COVID-19 Updates

IMI have a dedicated support hub which includes how IMI are approaching EPA during the pandemic. Please visit

IMI continues EPA services inline with Government Guidance

Inline with the Government guidance, IMI will be continuing to provide EPA services for apprenticeship standards. 

Flexibilities for apprenticeship standards will be in place to at least 31st August 2021, as confirmed by IfATE.

If you should need to cancel or rearrange any scheduled EPAs due to closures of centres or change in circumstances related to COVID-19, please contact with as much notice as possible. 
Cancellation fees will not apply for special circumstances, as per End-Point Assessment Cancellation Policy.

Please visit 

ST0033/AP03 pass criteria for skills tasks - rmisc (Eqap) update to all epaos

LATEST 11.03.2021 - The EQAP for this apprenticeship standard have notified all EPAOs a further update to the previous communication below. As a result of recent employer group review on the matter of grading, there have been further discussion held around 2 areas affecting the way assessments are graded across EPAOs, therefore the implementation date for all EPAOs to grade to the aligned approach below has now been delayed until further notice. 

Message from EQAP to EPAOs is for assessment organisations to continue delivering EPA grading for skills test as they are currently doing so until furtehr communciatSaveion. This does not change IMI's current approach and we will again continue to use same approach as always and highlighted below.

Previous communications noted: On 14/12/2020, IMI and all other approved EPAOs were formally informed by RMISC (EQAP) and Employer Group, that as of 14/03/2021, all EPAO’s will be required to follow the grading format as stated below for Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Repair Technician (Light Vehicle) ST0033/AP03 (End-Point Assessment Skills Task)
-    Grading of each individual task would incorporate all grade descriptors and the task is marked as pass or fail based on the success of the candidate to deliver against all the descriptors in each task. Upon the completion of all the tasks a decision is made based on the number of tasks that were passed or failed.

The grading format above does not impact IMI's current approach to grading and therefore will continue to grade as per usual process.

Apprenticeship Service Support – Videos

Users can find videos on how to use different functions of the apprenticeship service in the “Using the apprenticeship service” playlist available on the ESFAGOVUK YouTube Channel.

ESFA have recently made improvements to the following support videos:
•    reserving apprenticeship funds
•    adding an apprentice to an account

There is also a new video demonstrating how to apply for an incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice.

Alongside these ESFA have recordings from their webinars available on the “Apprenticeship service – webinar recordings” playlist and any future recordings will continue to be uploaded here.

Videos created to support the delivery of apprenticeships are available on the “Apprenticeship Support Videos” playlist.

You can also search for help in the apprenticeship service.

further extension on flexibilities for Apprenticeship Standards

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (the Institute) will extend apprenticeship flexibilities until at least the end of March 2021 due to the recent second national lockdown introduced 5th November 2020.


ESFA have updated the list of acceptable qualifications for English and Maths for apprenticeship standards at level 2 or above. Please click here for the latest list.


As many businesses start to reopen, we are seeing a positive increase in EPA assessments at providers facilities and at workplaces. IMI are fully supporting and conducting face to face EPA assessments for apprentices. 

With government guidance we must ensure all persons involved in EPA assessments are staying safe and protected at all times. To book in your EPA face to face assessment, we do ask for a Risk Assessment to be provided upon booking. We will preliminary accept all booking dates and only confirm once we have recieved, reviewed and approved a risk assessment of the premises in which the EPA will be taking place. 

For more information on risk assessments, please click here.

EPA assessment and Cancellations

We would like to provide guidance and clarity on our EPA Cancellation Policy in relation to current and recent circumstances. 

IMI have continued to conduct and support EPA assessment delivery during COVID19. Unfortunately, in early stages of lockdown, face to face EPA assessments were cancelled due to government restrictions across the country. These cancellations were made under special circumstances therefore no cancellation fee applied. 

With new IfATE confirmation of flexibilities applied to EPA assessment delivery, up to at least January 2021, and the latest government guidance for businesses to reopen, all cancellations will be treated in line with our EPA Cancellation Policy. If cancellations are requested under special circumstances, IMI will review on case by case basis as stated in the policy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Task set-up instructions ST0033/AP03 - flexibility applied

The External Quality Assurance Proivder, RMISC, for ST0033/AP03 apprenticeship standard has confirmed EPAOs can released task set-up instructions for EPA skills test 21 days prior to assessment date, instead of 14 days, as stated in the assessment plan.

This will allow more time for training providers to prepare for the assessment day, especially under current working circumstances.

Update to EPA Contracts - Subcontractor Providers Only

If you are a subcontractor provider you will need to request a new EPA contract from the IMI which has been updated to now include main provider details you are contracted with for the specific apprenticeship standard/s. You can request a new a contract via the EPA Contract Request Form. Full details will be included in the form.


Following a recent review of EPA processes, the current EPA 90day booking notice stipulated by the IMI will be changing from 1st January 2020 to the following;

Upon submitting an EPA booking request to the IMI, the centre must provide a minimum of 3months notice from the first required EPA assessment type rather than 90days from the desired EPA practical/skills date.

ESFA stipulate in the 19/20 Apprenticeship funding rules a minimum of 3months notice must be given to the EPAO stating that the apprentice will be ready for the end-point assessment.

The IMI have aligned the EPA booking process with the ESFA requirements to help make a clear and easy process for centres to provide timely notice of EPA as required.

For more information on funding rules, please click here.


Further to feedback from our approved centre network we will be making the following changes to IMI End Point Assessment Cancellation terms from the 1st January 2020;

Cancellations will be managed per assessment type rather than per full EPA. Cancellation fees will be applied where an assessment type is cancelled with less than 1 months’ notice and will be charged at the resit rate as quoted on the price matrix for that standard.

In the case that an EPA is cancelled due to exceptional circumstances such as, sudden illness that requires urgent medical attention or the death of a close family member the IMI will, where possible reschedule without loss of funds.

esfa Apprenticeship service roadmap

ESFA have published revised roadmap of developments for the apprenticeship service.

Keep up to date with ESFA digital services and follow them on twitter:

eLogbook redeem codes

If you are an IMI approved centre delivering apprenticeship standards through the IMI and are using eLogbook for on-programme learning, you will now receive redeem codes once registrations are made.
The volume of redeem codes issued will be based on 1 per apprentice, 1 per mentor, 1 per centre co-ordinator and 1 per trainer/assessor.
We will be working with centres during the implementation of this new process of issuing codes.

Where centres have high volumes of unredeemed codes, we will work with you to manage and remove those not required.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at


The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) is running a series of free apprenticeship service webinars for employers and training providers.  These webinars are hosted by subject matter experts, who can help understand the service and any new developments.

For more information, please see the ESFA webinar registration page, click here.

View previous webinar and information videos on the ESFA YouTube channel

For the latest apprenticeship service developments from ESFA, follow them on Twitter @ESFAdigital  and subscribe to the ESFA Digital blog

off-the-job training - best practice examples

The have DfE published off-the-job training gudinance explaining to employers and training providers how to meet the 20% off-the-job training requirement for apprentices.

Incuded in the guidance are simplified fact sheets explaining the true interpretation of what off-the-job training actually is.

Click on links under 'See Also' for more information.

Register of Approved Training Providers (ROATP)

The DfE (& ESFA) has announced its RoAPT ‘redesign’ with ‘tougher rules’. These 'tougher rules' include the likes of providers and employers now having to prove;

  • they have actively traded for 12 months (not 3 months - as per previous requirement)
  • they are financially stable (evidenced by their financial information)
  • they are skilled and are able to deliver quality apprenticeship training, before they apply, rather than when they begin delivery

The 3-month trading history requirement for supporting providers has been retained to enable new providers to build a delivery track record.  The Register was open for applications from 12 December 2018 with no closure date. providers and employers are restricted to two applications in 12 month period.

All providers currently on the RoATP will have to go through the new process. The ESFA will invite them to re-apply in phases during 2019.

Click on links under 'See Also' for more information.

claiming Gateway Certificates and EPA ‘Record of Achievements’ for apprentices

You can now claim certificates for your apprentices upon completion of each gateway during on-programme learning on an apprenticeship standard with the IMI. Records of achievement for EPA are also available to claim for successful apprentices completing their end point assessment with the IMI. 

Certificates for gateways may be used as evidence to demonstrate progression and development of an apprentice’s knowledge, skills and behaviours during the course of an apprenticeship standard.

Gateway delivery is highly recommended within most apprenticeship standards and mandatory within others. By certificating at gateways, it can help verify the apprentice’s readiness to undertake EPA to an employer/provider.

Where gateways are mandatory within apprenticeship standards, you must ensure the gateways are certificated prior to requesting an EPA.

IMI offer ‘record of achievement’s’ for EPA only. This is to validate the apprentice has undertaken an EPA with the IMI and successful gained a pass or above in all elements of the end point assessment. The IMI do not issue the official apprenticeship standard certificate, however we do submit the claim on behalf of the apprentice under their consent.

To claim a ‘record of achievement’ for EPA, you must have received an official Overall Grade and Results from IMI of a ‘Pass’ or above at EPA.

For claiming gateway certificates and records of achievements for EPA, please follow Section 6.1 of the operating manual.

REMINDER: REGISTRATIONS FOR Automotive Retail Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician (Light Vehicle) ST0033/AP02 CLOSED 31 JULY 2018

New registrations for Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician (Light Vehicle) must be on ST0033/AP03. Please ensure you do not use the AP02 eLogbook for AP03 registered candidates, the requirements in this version are different for the behaviour assessments and EPA. The difference in design and layout of the eLogbook may cause confusion.

registration requirements for apprenticeship standards

Changes to our online registration portal are now live. These changes consist of additional fields required at point of registering apprentices onto apprenticeship standards and will only apply to new registrations. For any apprentices already registered with the IMI on apprenticeship standards, we will be in touch to gather the outstanding information shortly.

To see a full list of required fields at point of registration, please see the 'Registration Requirements for End Point Assessment' under 'In This Section'.


We are currently working with Smart EPA to bring an efficient and easy way to book and manage EPA for your apprentices. 
Keep a look out in our centre communications for updates on this new booking tool coming soon. 

In the meantime - if you are looking to book an EPA, please see the section below for more information on how to book an EPA.

booking an EPA

To book an EPA with the IMI you must be an IMI approved centre with approval to offer apprenticeship standards. For more information on how to apply to offer apprenticeship standards through the IMI please visit HERE.

We would like to remind you that if you have an apprentice(s) on programme, coming up for readiness to take their end point assessment, you are required to book a minimum of 90 days in advance of the desired EPA date.

If you would like to book an EPA for apprentices, please contact

At the time of requesting a booking for EPA you must ensure all pre-requisites are met according to the apprenticeship standard assessment plan the apprentice is registered against. There must also be a formal agreement between the employer, training provider and apprentice to confirm the apprentice is ready to undertake EPA.

Minimum duration of apprenticeship standards

The minimum duration of training provided for an apprenticeship standard is 12 months. However this may be longer if required to support the delivery of the full apprenticeship standard. This will be stated in the assessment plan and/or specification of an apprenticeship standard.

An end-point assessment for an apprentice must not take place until this minimum duration has been met. This is a pre-requisite and a requirement within the end-point assessment gateway and ESFA apprenticeship funding rules. 

Note: Providers must ensure that the entire duration of an apprenticeship standard for both training and end point assessment is recorded on the apprentice’s ILR as a minimum of 372 days to be eligible for funding.  For more information please refer to the 'Apprenticeship funding rules for training providers' August 2018 to July 2019 (Version 1 - July 2018)

For help and support regarding these requirements, contact ESFA via: 
Telephone: 0370 267 0001


Be one step ahead in preparation for End Point Assessments and get your staff fully trained and certificated as EPA Accredited Assessors.

Specific apprenticeship standards have clear guidelines regarding EPA Assessment staff, subject to meeting the requirements as set out in the assessment plan and meeting IMI EPAO criteria. IMI approved centres and Apprentice employers, can use trained and certificated staff as part of the EPA process, along with IMI Appointed Independent Assessors.

Included within the IMI EPAO criteria, all EPA staff will be required to complete a conflicts of interest statement, per EPA event to ensure total independence of assessment.

IMI are offering EPA Accredited Assessor workshops across all approrpiate apprenticeship standard routes. Refer to Section 9 of the Operating manual to confirm if your required apprenticeship standard allows centre staff to be involved in EPA assessments.

For more information and details on getting your staff fully certified to support IMI EPA events, please contact Fees and charges can be found on the right hand side panel.

Invigilation for EPA online knowledge tests

Just a little reminder that you can use your own approved centre personnel to invigilate EPA online knowledge tests.

However, it is important to ensure that any invigilator has;

  • no involvement with the apprentice(s) on programme learning
  • a declaration of no conflicts of interest between themselves and the apprentice(s)
  • is non-technical
  • an IMI PIN with invigilation rights and is attached to the apprenticeship standard

For more information on invigilation and online assessment requirements please refer to section 5.0 of the IMI Operating Manual (links on the right hand side panel).

Any other queries please see Centres Hub or contact your EQA for advice.