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Careers FAQs


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The automotive industry influences everyone, from delivering goods on time to commuters travelling to work and emergency services being able to respond to a crisis, the motor industry helps to keep the country moving.  IMI Autocity is the one-stop-shop for impartial careers information and advice on careers in the Retail Motor Industry.  Whether you are an individual looking to start or progress your career, or a teacher or careers advisor who supports others in making their career choices, Autocity is the place to start.

1. I would like to be a Light Vehicle Technician.

Whether you enjoy meeting different people every day or working ‘hands on’ with the latest technology, careers in the Retail Automotive Industry can cater for you. See what’s on offer for you working with light vehicles in both the showroom and the workshop on a daily basis on Autocity.

2. What qualifications do I need?

This depends on the type of job you want. The industry needs people across a huge range of functions. Apprenticeships are available for many disciplines including maintenance and repair, fast fit and body repair technicians.  You may wish to stay on at school to develop skills for more specialised areas like business studies which could lead to management or marketing. These are both areas which you could go on to study at university.  The qualification area on this website shows you available qualifications for the retail motor industry across the UK.

3. What is an apprenticeship and how do I get one?

An apprenticeship means you study at a college one to two days a week, towards a ‘technical certificate (VRQ)’ while working towards a VCQ/NVQ or SVQ, which proves that you can apply these skills in the workplace where you spend the rest of your time on placement with an employer. You can also do apprenticeships in non-technical areas like sales.  

You can get on an apprenticeship by identifying a local college or other training provider who can pair you with an employer. Many manufacturers also run their own apprenticeship programmes; details of these can usually be found on their websites.  Take a look at Autocity for more vacancies. 

Although minimum qualifications aren’t always set, because of the technical complexity of modern vehicles, Maths, English and Science at GCSE D-F, or the equivalent, are desirable. Scottish Standard Grades are a recommended minimum.

4. What job roles are out there?

Search the 150+ job roles available at IMI Autocity.

5. I’ve worked in another industry for a long time. Are there opportunities for me?

Yes. Many skills needed in the motor industry are transferable; management, customer service, IT and so on. Even technical skills can be of great use; those gained in the aviation industry can be adapted by re-training, for example. Employers may need convincing so be prepared to help them understand exactly how your skills can be of use to them.

6. I’m really interested in car design and engineering.

Design and engineering roles (as well as other jobs connected with motor manufacturing) part of the manufacturing side of the motor industry and the wonderful people at SEMTA have all the information you need on this side of the automotive industry. 

7. Are there jobs for graduates?

Yes, the motor industry needs graduates and experienced people to manage the industry and develop ideas which can take businesses forward. Most opportunities are in manufacturing and head office roles with manufacturers – SEMTA and Automotive Academy will be able to advise further on these.